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Write India Publishing Submission Guidelines:

  • We publish in English, Hindi, and Gujarati language only.
  • Soft copies can be mailed as attachments in the formats .doc, pdf. We do not entertain CD’s or hard copy.
  • Please Email us at the following address only: [email protected]
  • A synopsis of the book (outline 1000-1500 words).
  • Three to four sample chapters, or 4 to 5 short stories, poems to judge the quality of writing.
  • A brief biography of the author (Third Person)- less than 400 words in length with a photograph.
  • Total word count of your manuscript.
  • Please mention the name of your manuscript in the subject of your mail.
  • Once you send us a proposal, we will certainly consider it. If more than 3 months elapse from the day you submit, and we do not reply, feel free to send us a reminder.
  • We reserve the right to reject a manuscript even after requesting for the full script.
  • We are unable to provide feedback or criticism on submissions.
  • Please do not resend a proposal that has been rejected once.
  • If the work is selected by the Editors for publishing, the Author is intimated via mail along with a letter of offer & draft agreement. Once both the parties agree to the draft an agreement, a legal contract is processed by the Publisher and signed by both parties along with the witnesses on both parts.

Terms and conditions pertaining to royalties, territories, number of copies, distribution network—these are all decisions which are taken only on final acceptance of a book for publication. Should your manuscript be accepted, these will be automatically discussed at that time. Queries pertaining to these at the time of submitting your proposal or during the evaluation process are premature.

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